Capoeira Kids: The program is to develop the student’s body movements through educational games that train kicks, escapes and acrobatics. Additionally, children work the development of body expression. These movements give children an increase in overall strength, endurance, agility, flexibility, while simultaneously adding Capoeira’s philosophy and discipline. One of the unique aspects of Capoeira for kids is the development of musical awareness and rythim through the use of Capoeira instruments. For children having a more difficult time with the physical movements in Capoeira, music tends to be a very important aspect; The music component allows them their place to gain self-confidence in the group, further motivating them to continue on their path in Capoeira. Children can start classes as young as 3 years old.



Kids Conditioning: Help your kids develop healthy habits and grow strong by having a fun exercise with professionals who are personal trainers, Capoeira experts and have a great amount of experience in working with children. Classes are for children of age 6 and above. This training will improve agility, speed and help build powerful and strong muscles. Children will be able to meet new friends and gain more self-esteem. Classes include Boot Camp, Tabata and Strong Kid. Classes are 5 days a week..

Boot Camp – The best exercise is when you don’t feel like your exercising. Our Power Kids Boot Camp is so much fun, it doesn’t feel like a workout but children will see results late. Tag games, walk/run/jump activities, obstacle courses, fitness circuits structured exercises without boredom.

Tabata – Tabata is a high intensity interval training session incorporating a series of full speed. Each set of exercises is followed by a brief rest. So, you push yourself as hard as you can for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds until you complete 8 sets. The training lasts for 20 minutes followed by a 10 minute cool down. This could be the most fun and intense workout your kids get!

Strong Kid – This class is 50% strength and 50% conditioning, 100% fun! Your kids will learn proper techniques and form to increase their upper and lower bodies. We’ll perform functional lifts with muscle toning for a total body workout. They will be begging to come back the next week!